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Smarter water retention product brings ray of hope to drought areas

Australia’s unpredictable climate means horticultural and landscaping installations have largely become a game of chance... until now. Introducing SANOPLANT, a 100% natural soil conditioner that dramatically improves both water and nutrient holding capacity in poor soil environments.

SANOPLANT has been an in-demand product in the arid Middle East for over 10 years, virtually turning deserts into an oasis. Granulated for easy application, SANOPLANT’s unique properties enable it to rapidly absorb and hold rainfall or irrigation water (and nutrients) in a plant-available form, saving at least 50% of normal irrigation. Specifying SANOPLANT for your next project means faster establishment, healthier growth and longer term peace-of-mind... not to mention a great opportunity for you to generate additional income.

Here’s why SANOPLANT is generating big interest in Australia:

  • Instantly absorbs Water. Other water retention products can take up to 24 hours or more to begin water absorption. SANOPLANT starts absorbing right away, even light rainfall.

  • Holds 16 times its weight in water, thus every kilogram of SANOPLANT will hold 16 litres of water in the soil.

  • At recommended rates (depending on local conditions) in sandy soils, SANOPLANT will effectively reduce application rates of water by minimum 50%.

  • Plants will be able to survive longer periods between rainfall events. SANOPLANT maintains adequate water tension to release moisture at a steady rate as the surrounding soil particles dry out.

  • Does not waterlog the soil. Once the field capacity of the soil is reached, water will then infiltrate through the soil profile at the original rate of the existing soil media. SANOPLANT maintains the soils air pore space thus maintaining its hydraulic conductivity.

  • Long life span. Laboratory tests have prognosticated that SANOPLANT can maintain its water retention characteristics for up to 10 years (depending on environmental situation), with efficacy of the product reducing at a very low rate of 3-4% per year. This reduces labour input, as once the product has been installed it will remain in the soil for many years. SANOPLANT is a silica-based stone dust and for this reason its mineral properties provide a long life span.

  • No influence in performance because of drying process and re-saturation.

  • Reduces fertiliser, herbicide and pesticide leaching because of reduced irrigation quantity. All water soluble products will be held in the grass root zone for a longer period of time thus resulting in a more efficient application of these products. In addition, environmental benefits occur as these products will not be as readily leached into nearby water systems.

    SANOPLANT Australia’s distributor, John Robertson said “We’ve been very pleased with the Australian trials of this product and have already fielded enquiries from several large developers keen to specify SANOPLANT directly.” For more information, or product samples - contact: John Robertson on (07) 5580 8787 or

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